Spill the Milk

Co-Founders Erin & Suzanne met during lock down at the school gates. Hearing non-stop about the blossoming friendship of our daughters, we decided that a playdate before the end of term was a must. Social awkwardness be damned, we realized that we had a great many things in common. Sweet relief! Do you know how hard it is to navigate the world of making friends as an adult? It’s more intense when you’re a mom swept up in the world of mothering. How do you get past the small talk and move on to the nitty gritty?
Let’s talk about the dullness, postpartum depression, the simple joys, the loneliness. Let’s talk stretchy tits and the best pair of jeans to tuck your belly into. Our time is precious, let’s cut the shit and get to know – is this person one of *my people*.

spoiler: we are. it worked. and we’re still on the search for the perfect pair of jeans.

We are a team of creative mamas that has a vision to gather community of like minded creative mother makers in Galway.


Mother Maker Studios is a collaborative creative space of mothers and women artist & makers in Galway.

From creating across kitchen tables with children on the hip, and babes on breast, we are inviting the space for mothers to reawaken and reclaim their creativity and art forms. Together, this co-op of Mother Makers offer skill trading, spaces to collaborate and learn, uplift and promote each other, and create opportunity for gallery and shop front spaces.

Our future aspiration is to have a bright studio space that offers Mother Makers a place to focus on their art form. A space where children are welcome, and creativity flourishes.

Mother Maker Studios is dedicated to supporting women in community.