Erin Darcy

Born in Oklahoma, Erin grew up travelling the Mid West of the US with her family. At the age of 15 and looking for a pen pal in Ireland – she found the man of her dreams and travelled alone to Ireland when she was 17 to meet him in person. Upon completing high school, Erin moved to Galway to be with her now husband. 

A self taught artist raised by two creative parents – art has always been Erin’s interest and passion. Expressing herself through creative writing, painting, photography, and dabbling in hand crafts. 

As a mother of three, some of Erin’s interests include home birth, breastfeeding advocacy, improving maternity services, birth work, autonomy in pregnancy and childbirth, and supporting women in their greatest times of need. Experiencing infertility as well as miscarriage has been a guiding light in much of her work. 

Erin is an activist for women’s rights – creating and leading what became the largest grassroots campaign in Repealing the 8th Amendment in Ireland with In Her Shoes – Women of the Eighth. She continues to marry her art and activism as one, generating conversations on taboo subjects of abortion, miscarriage, grief, mother-loss, depression, radical self love and more. She aims to inspire connection of the human experience, honesty, societal healing, and unity among women. 

Erin is a published author of the book In Her Shoes. Her writing and poetry is featured in various books, and her art is often featured in JUNO Magazine.

Erin is a co-founder of Mother Maker Studios, a collaborative of women artists and makers. Mother Maker Studios invites the space for mothers to continue their creative practice in community with other mothers, a space where our children are welcome to run underfoot. 

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